P.E. Chiripa-Costa RicaWithin its range of wind power industry services, AIR-RON S.L. is able to guarantee professional operating interventions with cranes, backed up by the knowledge and experience acquired by its technicians.


1. Assembling new wind turbines. AIR-RON is able to adapt to all programme updates, and resolve specific problems that may arise and that require quick and accurate resolution to ensure project success.

interior22. Large-scale corrective measures.

  • Changing rotors: the AIR-RON technical team has access to highly specialised and well-structured resources in this field, with experience of over 100 operations around the world on various types of machinery, under adverse and extremely challenging conditions
  • Changing Generators
  • Changing Gearboxes
  • Coronas
  • Nacelle

interior13. Corrective maintenance: We carry out corrective maintenance operations, establishing the operational process, using instruction manuals and plans, and restoring operational conditions with the required quality and safety standards.

4. Preventive and predictive maintenance. Greasing and mechanical maintenance.

5. Participation in plant assembly.

6. Enabled to undertake all kinds of work at heights: Blade inspection, external machine cleaning and maintenance, printing logos.

7. Supervision work: Our technicians are fully qualified in supervising mechanical and electrical assembly work carried out by other companies in the sector.interior3

We work in accordance with the company’s safety plan, undertaking preventive, corrective and emergency tasks whilst applying the established measures and complying with current regulations and legislation that is applicable to wind power facility assembly and maintenance.

Immediate availability to limit wind turbine stoppage time.

We collaborate with engineering companies, developing instructions for a more efficient design of active systems that generate improvements to their services.